How Does the Adani Group Plan to Support Green Growth in India?

As per Adani latest news, the Adani Group plan has turned its focus to Green Growth. Since its initial days of operation, the conglomerate has taken up multiple initiatives to promote sustainability in India and various other countries. The Adani portfolio companies have consistently implemented sustainable practices during the implementation of the projects.  

The conglomerate has set the standards for sustainable lifestyle options for Indian consumers by allowing them to choose green power over exhaustive power sources. The Adani Group’s goals are directly aligned with the Panchamrit sustainability strategy presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his COP26 speech in Glasgow. 

Major initiatives taken by the Adani Group on its journey towards achieving Green Growth: 

Decarbonisation of the power supply sector: 

Adani Energy Solutions Limited, Adani Green Energy Limited, and Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited, which make up the core of the Adani portfolio, are dedicated to the decarbonisation of power generation and providing green electricity to the residents of Mumbai and other customers who are willing to bring about a shift from non-renewable to renewable energy sources.  

The Green Power infrastructure, comprising a 1,690 MW project in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, involves a capital outlay of 1.8 billion USD. 12 international banks and internal sources fully funded the project. This is one of the most significant initiatives the Adani Group took in decarbonising the power sector.  

The Adani Group has developed renewable transmission infrastructure to allow green energy to be easily transmitted to the different homes in Mumbai and the various consumption centres. It has also been actively involved in developing the green distribution infrastructure. As the Adani latest news state, AGEL has also acquired SB Energy, a 5 GW renewable portfolio.  

The Adani Group has also made an additional investment of 2.5 billion USD in the green hydrogen ecosystem. The company uses highly advanced technology to ensure that the power sector can be self-reliant and the environmental impact can also be reduced. 

Increased dependence on renewable energy: 

Through Adani Green Energy Limited, Gautam Adani has made one of the most essential inroads into achieving his environmentally friendly goal. Adani Green Energy Limited is working on leading India towards becoming one of the world’s biggest renewable energy production houses.  

The Adani Group has a diverse portfolio of wind and solar energy projects, which makes it the largest renewable energy company. The green initiatives have helped India meet its renewable energy goal. With time, the Adani Group will continue to expand its hold over India’s energy sector. It will also allow India to meet its sustainability goals. 

There are a lot of green renewable energy projects which are already in operation. Upon completing the projects, the green renewable energy supply will increase considerably, and every home in India will also be supplied with green power. The average expense incurred on electricity bills will also be reduced significantly.

Achieving the sustainable goals: 

The Adani Group has always been driven towards fulfilling its sustainability goals. Sustainability has also been incorporated into the fundamental business procedures of the different subsidiaries of the Adani Group. The conglomerate has always been driven by innovation and technology. This has allowed it to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its operation and efficiency. 

The Adani Group has also implemented the supercritical technology at the Mundra thermal power plant. This has helped the company acquire project certification for Clean Development Mechanism from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Adani Group has also been adopting eco-friendly mining techniques. This has helped with dust pollution control.  

The diesel-powered RTG rakes used at the Adani ports are being replaced with electricity. With all these steps, the Adani Group reduced its carbon footprint considerably. Renewable energy sources currently provide around 2% of the captive power. However, the percentage is expected to rise drastically in the upcoming years. 

To End With: 

The Adani Group’s endeavours towards Green Growth are perfect examples of how economic prosperity and sustainability coexist. It inspires other companies to take up sustainable initiatives while carrying out their business agenda. 

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